December 24, 2018

Dates and Flight Schedules Swiss Air Force 2019

Some dates for next year are already known ;) UPDATE January 25th, 2019 - complete list europe on

07 Beginn regulärer Flugbetrieb Schweizer Luftwaffe um 0830h LT
13-19 Intl. Alpine Balonwoche Arosa (Night-Glooming 13.), Arosa (CH)
17-19 Lauberhornrennen mit Patrouille Suisse, Wengen (CH) mit PS am 17. (Training 1130h) / 18. 1320h / 19. 1140h
21-26 WEF Davos, CAP's out of Payerne (CH)
26-03 41ème édition du Festival International de Ballons, Château-d'Oex (CH)

09-10 34ème Rassemblement International de Montgolfières, Crans Montana (CH)16/17 FIS Women Ski Worldcup, Crans-Montana (CH) with PC-7 Team

25-12 Trainingskurs Patrouille Suisse

01-19 Training of the Swiss Air Force Display Teams in Payerne (08-19, Hornet), Emmen (25 April - 12 March, Patrouille Suisse), Locarno (PC-7 Team) and Alpnach (Super Puma Display Team)
12 PSFC Tag, Emmen (CH) mit Patrouille Suisse, SP und PC-7 Team (evtl. Hornet)

10/11 Open doors REGA Swiss Air Ambulances with the new H145, Lausanne (CH)
15 Basevisit, Meiringen (CH) 
17/18 Fribourgstrophy Championship F3J model gliders, Pierrafortscha (CH)
20-24 Flights with Mirage III, Payerne (CH)
22-24 Flights with Hawker Hunter (Amici dell'Hunter), Sion (CH)
21-23 EBACE 2019, Genf (CH)
24/25 Tage der Öffentlichkeit mit Airshow, Emmen (CH)
24-26 Seaplane Meeting Hergiswil, Hergiswil (CH)
25/26 Meeting de l'Air BA155, Orange (F)
29-02 Schweizermeisterschaft Heissluftballon, Willisau (CH)
30-02 AMPA (Association pour le Maintien du Patrimoine Aéronautique) Swiss Tour 2019, multiple airfields in Switzerland

01/02 Heliweekend, Grenchen (CH)
03-07 FFA Mitgliederflüge 2019, Emmen - LSME (CH) mit Hunter/Vampire
14-16 Seaplane Meeting Divonne, Divonne-les-Bains (F)
15 Tag der Bundeswehr, multiple bases in Germany
15-16 Journées de l'Air 2019 (07.+08.09. Reservedatum), Bressaucourt-Porrentruy (CH)
22 Nostalgieflugtag, Meiringen (CH)
24-28 Flights with Mirage III, Payerne (CH)
28-30 Seaplane Meeting Perroy, Perroy (CH)
29 Flüügerchilbi 2019, Luzern-Beromünster (CH)
29/30 RIO 2.4, Ecuvillens (CH) (? or in 2020 ?)
29-30 Meeing de l'Air Cazaux BA120, Cazaux (F)

20/21 Eröffnung des Museums/Neubaus FMA, Altenrhein (CH) mit Patrouille Suisse
28-03 ProAero Jugendlager, Samedan - S-chanf (CH)

09-11 Seaplane Meeting Bönigen, Bönigen (CH)
09-11 8th Convoy to Remember, Birmenstorf (CH)
16/17 200 Jahre Waffenplatz mit Airshow und Bückermeet, Thun (CH)
16/17 Zigermeet, Mollis (CH) mit Gripen/Eurofighter Typhoon/Rafale/F35?
16-18 31. OSV Treffen 30 Jahre Oldtimer Segelflug Vereinigung Schweiz , Bellechasse (CH)
17 StansAIRhorn, Stans (CH)18 9. Fly Hai, Biel-Kappelen (CH)
22-31 30th World Aerobatic Championships, Chateauroux (F)
23-25 Acro Show , Villeneuve (CH)
26-30 EPERVIER exercise, Payerne (CH) with Armée de l'Air
31 Hunterfest, St. Stephan (CH)
31/01 Yv'Air 19, Yverdon-les-bains (CH) mit Gripen/Eurofighter Typhoon/Rafale/F35?
02-06 Flights with Mirage III, Payerne (CH)

01-04 FFA Mitgliederflüge 2019, Emmen (CH) mit Hunter/Vampire
09/10 Fliegerschiessen Axalp (-Ebenfluh), Axalp (CH)
11-13 Air & Space Days Verkehrshaus Luzern, Luzern (CH)
16 Basevisit, Meiringen (CH)

11-09 SCOTNIGHT exercise

13 Ende regulärer Flugbetrieb Schweizer Luftwaffe um 1700h LT

Flight Schedule of the Swiss Air Force 2019

Main events will be the Air Policy CAP's for the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos, the evaluation of the new fighter jets in summer and the week long visit of the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air, AdlA) end of August.

A lot of Tiger activity throughout the year, but mostly only two aircrafts. PC-21 training out of Meiringen in spring and a very surprising event not yet ready for publication. The fighter aircrafts in evaluation for the NKF out of Payerne are also visiting Meiringen due there stay in Switzerland. For the Spottergroup at the Basevisits please contact me via - Username Grimmi. Some places are still available at the moment.

Main events are the Patrouille Suisse training week, the Hornet flights in August and some cargo aircrafts for Air Force (US Navy Herc's 'stealing' our F-5 Tiger aircrafts) and the RUAG, mainly Antonov AN-124.
Runway closed: July 1st - 26th
Hornet activity: July 29th - August 23rd

Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team schedule 2019

FIS Ski Weltcup Crans-MontanaCrans-Montana
Fête des musiques GruériennesLes Moulins
Tag der Öffentlichkeit EmmenEmmen
Heliweekend GrenchenGrenchen
Gewerbe- und Erlebnisausstellung BuochsBuochs
Eidgenössisches Turnfest AarauAarau
15. Flüügerchilbi BeromünsterBeromünster
Züri FäschtSeebecken Zürich
International Gijon AirshowGijon, ESP
Sunderland AirshowSunderland, UK
Huntertag St. StephanSt. Stephan
Flüüger-Fäscht SchmerlatSchmerlat, Schaffhausen
Czech Air Force DaysOstrava, CZ
40. Modellflugtag Hausen am AlbisHausen am Albis
Air & Space Days LuzernVerkehrshaus, Luzern
Patrouille Suisse 2019

Super Puma Display Team

Swiss Air Force Hornet Display Team

November 04, 2018

50 years of the Aero L-39 Albatros

Maybe the half of actual military jet pilots had trained on this little jet - today 50 years ago was the first flight at Vodochody !

My first real encounter was Air'94 airshow in Buochs (Stans) with the retirement of our famous Hawker Hunter. Albatros and western counterpart BAe Hawk each had a demo.

Two years later I was already steering those beauties (from the backseat, and only some minutes each flight) with the famous russian display team ! Great memories and flights, repeated the following years too.

October 31, 2018

Just a little flight - RIO Ecuvillens, 1994

This time you can travel quite a lot of years into the past - my first flight in an Boeing Stearman was made out of Ecuvillens due one of those fabulous RIO's (Rencontre Internationale des Oldtimers). I helped with the parking organisation as 'Bénevoles' and enjoyed this little tour around the Gruyères area.

The star of the event was the Dassault Flamant, after the Mirage 2000 demo and the famous Patrouille de France a year before a much more rare bird to see in Switzerland. Film was expensive and camera all manual, but soon I was buying my first own camera back then, an Minolta Dynax 700si with lenses (kit) up to 300mm for the Shows in Ambri, Buochs and Langenthal in the autumn of 1994.


If the actual US President will ever know about this place, he whould be travel each weekend to switzerland ...

The end of the Gruyères lake and a view in direction my home with the 'Guggershörnli' in the background:

October 30, 2018

'new' homepage adress

Hi there,

with now the already 3rd redirection service in my live has given up and closed down it's services. I will change the title picture soon, but in the meantime just use the direct adress of

Thanks a lot ;)

October 18, 2018

Nature climpses at a lake

Yeah, I know - normally this site is dedicated to our Swiss Air Force. But with not many new positions and experiences to go - especially for myself, don't forget that I've began to take pictures of our Air Force in 1993 - I use my big lenses for some nature photography and video for a couple of years now. Here another one taken this year - I hope you are impressed as I was ...

September 28, 2018

Swiss Air Force's fastest Recce - the IAI/RUAG ADS-95 RANGER drone

Since the end of the Mach2 Mirage III RS 'AMIR' in 2003, our fastest Recce is 4.61m long, has an wingspan of 5.71m and has an Vmax of 220km/h ! The quality of the pictures are lower than those on the Mirage, but available in real time and with a range of 4 hours.

Swiss Army uses the Israeli-Swiss drone IAI/RUAG ADS-95 for reconaissance missions. The drone costs about 2.5 Mio SFr ($1.9million), 27 systems (including mobile equipment for command and control) where delivered beginning in 1999. An flighthour costs about 7300 SFr and about 40-60 flights are made for Swiss Border Patrol (Grenzschutz) each year.
The AufklärungsDrohnenSystem 95 is the evolution of the ADS-90 with increased range and charge.


Based on the IAI Ranger and built by F+W Emmen, this 1st drone of the Swiss Air Force had an MTOW of 270 kg with an maximum charge of 41 kg. With 240 km/h maximum speed a bit faster than the ADS-95.

Prototype XP-01 on a poster
 D-101 due Armeetage'99, Frauenfeld


The modified version of the ADS-90 with a MTOW of 275 kg and a maximum charge of 45 kg. Updated Sensors and support vehicles.

 Sometimes (sh)it happens - but without incident on humans/animals - see here for example
Production of ADS-95 systems for Finnish and Swiss Air Force

Here some video pictures published by the Swiss Air Force a couple of years ago:

With those little birds, the pictures are quit nice. German Luftwaffe published some actual footage of there sensors on Tornado aircraft, also capable for live-streaming to the headquarter:

Photo taken by the infrared sensor of the TORNADO:
 Photo edited by fusion of infrared and normal photo taken by TORNADO: 

Source of the German Air Force Tornado Pictures

After an evaluation of multiple modern systems (Long List included five systems, Short List and tests in Switzerland with two systems), Elbit won the competition with the Hermes 900. 'Swissification' consists of a motor change to Diesel and - due that change of gravity - longer wings. Swiss Air Force Insiders hopes the changes/tests in RUAG wind tunnel are paid by Elbit according an article in the NZZ newspaper of September 04th, 2016.

Official site of the Drohnen-Kommando 84

September 04, 2018

First Night-mission of the Swiss Air Force QRA

Today very early morning, 0326h local time, two Hornets take off from our main base Payerne LSMP. Another test of the availability and procedures - normally our QRA is not yet ready at this time of the day but 2021:

Press bulletin

Erster Start bei Nacht ist gelungen

Die Einsatzbereitschaft im Luftpolizeidienst wird bis Ende 2020 kontinuierlich ausgebaut. Ab dann werden während 365 Tagen rund um die Uhr zwei bewaffnete Flugzeuge einsatzbereit sein. Im Januar 2017 ist die Bereitschaft auf 365 Tage – also auch an Wochenenden und Feiertagen – von 8.00 bis 18.00 Uhr erweitert worden. Vom 3. bis 4. September 2018 hat die Luftwaffe eine noch längere Bereitschaft im Luftpolizeidienst angeordnet.

Das Projekt Luftpolizeidienst 24 (LP24) hat zum Ziel, die permanente Bereitschaft an 365 Tagen während 24 Stunden bis Ende 2020 zu erreichen. In der aktuellen Phase der Umsetzung ist die normale Bereitschaft von 8.00 bis 18.00 Uhr an 365 Tagen vorgesehen. In der Nacht vom 3. auf den 4. September 2018 wurde jedoch Bereitschaft angeordnet. Zum ersten Mal starteten zwei F/A-18 um 3.30 Uhr.

Ziel dieser Übung ist es, wertvolle Erkenntnisse für die Umsetzung der nächsten Phasen erhöhter Bereitschaft zu gewinnen und so die ersten Lehren aus einem Flugdienst bei Nacht zu ziehen. Ab dem 1. Januar 2019 wird die Bereitschaft des Luftpolizeidienstes auf die Zeiten von 6.00 bis 22.00 Uhr an 365 Tagen erhöht.

Motion aus dem Jahr 2009
Das Projekt LP24 geht auf eine Motion von alt Ständerat Hans Hess (FDP/OW) aus dem Jahr 2009 zurück. Darin forderte er eine erhöhte Bereitschaft im Luftpolizeidienst auch ausserhalb der normalen Arbeitszeiten. Mit LP24 wird nun in vier Schritten eine permanente Einsatzbereitschaft von zwei bewaffneten Kampfjets innert höchstens 15 Minuten erreicht.

September 03, 2018

Bückermeet AirThun 2018

Up to 4000 people have visited the little airfield at the beginning of the famous Berner Oberland area - after an very sunny, very long and hot summer unfortunally with not so nice weather at 12° Celsius. But the colorful aircrafts and the good organisation allowed some nice impressions and we all hope to see this event in the future again.