January 16, 2021

Flight schedule Payerne 2021

Finally - our main base published also the planned activity for 2021 👍

Most of Swiss Air Force's Air policing missions - called Luftpolizeidienst LPD24 / Service de police aérienne 24 (PA24) / Servizio di polizia aerea 24 (PA24) in german/french/italian - where flown out of Payerne. Since December 31st, 2020 those missions are 24/365 'round the clock possible, callsign on radio is HAMMER. 

-> note the info concerning rescheduled flight times for the week of January 18-21 at the end

Special events 2021


04 Begin of regular training activity 2021


22-05 Pilot School on PC-21 (normally based in Emmen)


22-02 Swiss Hornet Display training weeks


05-16 Patrouille Suisse training weeks (mostly out of Emmen), trainings in Bellechasse and Payerne planned

30-01 100 years Payerne airfield - public day Mai 1st


10-28 Repetition course CR av 11


07-11 Flightweek with Mirage IIIDS of Clind'Ailes Museum

21-16 Instruction week / runway closed (aircrafts out of Emmen)


19-23 Flightweek with Mirage IIIDS of Clind'Ailes Museum


13-17 Flightweek with Mirage IIIDS of Clind'Ailes Museum

20-08 exercice Nighthawk (helicopter)


04-29 test weeks with the new ADS 15 drone system

11-29 Repetition course CR av 14 / TA 1


22-10 Helicopter exercise in Vidsel (SE) 15-26

29-10 Yorknite exercise (Night flight Training, UK), Meiringen crews the two weeks before


16 End of regular training activity 2021

-> info concerning rescheduled flight times for the week of January 18-21

There where some important changes to the regular combat jet flight times (0830-1200/1330-1700h LT) during this week: 1000-1200/1330-1930h LT ! This is a test for possible further use due night flight restrictions in Switzerland. So the normal night flight session on monday eventing 'till 22h LT is also cancelled, training missions of the Air Police on wednesday evening is still valid.

January 14, 2021

Flight schedule Emmen 2021

Emmen is the second base publishing the planned activity for 2021 - now we wait for Swiss Air Force's mainbase Payerne to publish heres.

Like every year, Patrouille Suisse Training week will be in April, F-5 Tiger activity is the most during TK (Training Course) in dark blue. Please consider restrictions due COVID'19 when visiting the base.

Jan 04 Beginn Flugbetrieb 0830h
Feb 22 24. Stuckli Ballonfiesta (Verschiebedatum 28.02.), Sattel-Hochstuckli - Herrenboden (CH), !Termin unbestätigt!
Apr 05- 16 TK Patrouille Suisse, Emmen (CH)
Mai 06 Generalversammlung der Motorflugveteranen des AeS, Emmen - LSME (CH)
Jun 14-16 Hornet Flugbetrieb, Emmen - LSME (CH)
Jun 26-27 Zuger Seefest, Zug (CH)
Jul 10 StansAIRhorn, Stans (CH)
Jul 28- 23 Pistensperre EMM
Sep 04 25 Jahre Hunterverein Mollis, Mollis (Hangar U1 Haltengut) - LSMF (CH)
Okt 15-17 Air & Space Days Verkehrshaus Luzern, Luzern (CH) Air & Space Days
Dez 16 Ende Flugbetrieb um 1700h

January 03, 2021

Mirage III flights out of Payerne, planification 2021

Clin d'Ailes Museum and Association had also this year some days scheduled for the flights with there legendary Mirage III DS - let's hope for safe flights and no further restrictions:

January 01, 2021

Happy new Year and airshows/events planification for 2021

 Yeah, this year called 2020 was something to remember ... but we hope not to repeat in 2021 !

I wish you and your families all the best and stay safe, from Covid19 AND the daily traffic accidents 💖

Some planifications in the new year - 2021

(complete list on flugzeugforum.de


10-16 Internationale Alpine Ballonwoche Arosa (Night-Glooming 10.), Arosa (CH) 

11-03 KVK/WK LT Kdo 03, Alpnach - LSMA (CH)

23-24 Audi FIS Womans Ski World Cup 2021, Crans Montana (CH), normally with PC-7 Team


03 Frühjahrs-Helitreffen, Leuggern-Böttstein - MfG Loorholz (CH)

21 FF-Basevisit I 2021, Meiringen - LSMM (CH)

21-24 AERO 2021, Friedrichshafen - EDNY (DE)

30-01 100 Years Payerne (30. not public / 01. Open Day), Payerne - LSMP (CH)


07-02 KVK/WK LT Kdo 02, Alpnach - LSMA (CH)

11-13 09. Lenzerheide Motor Classics 2021, Lenzerheide (CH) with PC-7 Team or Patrouille Suisse

26-27 Zuger Seefest, Zug (CH) with PC-7 Team or Patrouille Suisse


25-31 ProAero Jugendlager, Samedan - S-chanf (CH)

31-01 18. Loorholz-Flugtage, Leuggern-Böttstein - MfG Loorholz (CH)


16-10 WK FlPl Kdo 13, Meiringen - LSMM (CH)

20-22 12. Acro Show, Villeneuve VD (CH), normally with Hornet Display Team

20-22 Flugtage Wittinsburg 2021, Wittinsburg (CH)

21 Hunterfest 2021, St.Stephan - LSMH (CH)

28-29 Dittinger Flugtage, Dittingen - LSPD (CH)


04 25 Jahre Hunterverein Mollis, Mollis - LSMF (CH)

05 Flüüger-Chilbi Bleienbach, Langenthal-Bleienbach - LSPL (CH)

05-12 Swiss National Aerobatic Championship (Swiss National Freestyle Championship 11.09.), Môtiers - LSTO (CH)

17-20 Montreux Acrobaties Accro d'acro, Montreux (CH)

18-19 RIO (Rencontre Internationale d'Oldtimer) 2.4, Gruyère - LSGT (CH), 


02-03 42. Flugtag MFG Affoltern, Hausen am Albis (CH)

27 FF-Basevisit II 2021, Meiringen - LSMM (CH)