December 22, 2019

Support needed - please help me win a price

unfortunally, this photo contest was cancelled without informations of the F35-Team

Well - this time I need your help .... to win a price I need as many likes as possible on one of my pictures. So, if you are a fb user and help me win, then please click on picture 17 of the actual photo contest in the F35 group:

My picture ūüĎĆ

December 11, 2019

Graduation of Pilot Class'13, Vitznau and Training PC-7 Team this week

The ceremony will take place on thursday 12th with a Super Puma Display at the seaside of Vitznau. PC-7 Team cancelled there planned contribution but will fly in Emmen, Payerne and D√ľbendorf this week:

EDIT December 12th: SUPER PUMA DISPLAY TEAM cancelled there participation too ....

PC-7 Team Training for World Cup Crans Montana

Wednesday, 11th:
Emmen 1045-1115LT
Payerne 1345-1415LT

Thursday, 12th:
D√ľbendorf 1100-1130LT

December 05, 2019

WEF 2020 - Air Policy above Davos

In 2020, the armed forces will once again support the civilian authorities in the canton of Graub√ľnden in carrying out security tasks in connection with the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Parliament approved the deployment of a maximum of 5,000 soldiers on these civil affairs support operations from 2019 until 2021. The 2020 WEF meeting will be held from 17 to 27 January.

Main base for the combat ready jets is Payerne LSMP (1st ALT is LSMM, 2nd ALT is LSMS) again and the 25 nautical miles flight restrictions above Davos are on the following dates:

January 17th, 2020 from 1300-1700h LT (training)
January 20th from 0800h LT continuosly 'till January 25th, 1700 LT (hot)

Some Pilatus (NC)PC-7 will be flying out of Samedan airport during training day and the hot mission.

More informations:

Some impressions of Air Policy from other years 

December 01, 2019

Swiss Air Force flight schedules and Airshows 2020

Our Air Force is very kind to us military aviation lovers again and published some interesting schedules.

Main change is the opened QRA-schedule, now all days from 0600-2200h LT two armed Hornets are on 15mins Alert.



Pistensperre: 27. Juli - 21. August 2020
Staffelflugbetrieb mit F/A-18 Hornet: 29. Juni - 24. Juli 2020


Tiger-TK's mit jeweils mehreren F-5 Tiger und  F/A-18 Hornet: Woche 7/8/37/38



Airshows 2020 - update April 29th,2020

Other interesting events in aviation, including ballooning and modelling. Mainly Switzerland. For the full schedule please visit The RIO in Ecuvillens is rescheduled to Gruyeres and will happen in 2021 again.

COVID19 saw and will cancelling a lot of events - so please inform you in avance on the official homepages !

05 Stuckli Ballonfiesta, Sattel-Hochstuckli (CH) - Reserve Feb 02 and 16
10/11 Youth Olympic Games Lausanne, Les Diablerets (CH) with Patrouille Suisse (10 TRG 1230-1305h/11 Demo 1145-1215h LT)
12-18 Ballonwoche, Arosa (CH)
16-18 Lauberhornrennen, Wengen (CH) with Patrouille Suisse in formation with SWISS Airbus (16.1140h, 17. 1320h, 18. 1140h LT)
17-27 World Economic Forum WEF, Davos (CH) with restricted airspace 17(TRG)/20-25 out of Payerne
25-02 Festival International de Ballons, Ch√Ęteau-d'Oex (CH)

11 1. Schweizer Helitag, Mollis (CH)
14-16 Faszination Modellflug, Kirchberg (CH)
21-23 FIS Ski World Cup, Crans-Montana (CH) with PC-7 Team (21. TRG)

14 Delegiertenversammlung mfvs, Grenchen LSZG (CH)
15 52. Z√§ziwiler Hangflugwettbewerb, Z√§ziwil Bueleberg  (CH)
21 Scale F4 Heli Training, Interlaken (CH)
28/29 Modellflug Ausstellung Untersiggenthal MG UT, Untersiggenthal (CH)

01-04 Aero, Friedrichshafen (D)
04 20. Nordwestschweizer Modellbaub√∂rse, Brislach (CH)
11 Fr√ľhjahrs-Helitreffen, Leuggern (CH )
14-16 Akrokurs FMA Altenrhein, Mollis (CH)
18 Generalversammlung EAS, Grenchen LSZG (CH)
25 Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup, Yverdon (CH)
27-03 Patrouille des Glaciers, Verbier (CH) with Patrouille Suisse
29 Basevisite, Meiringen (CH)

02/03 Arbon Classics, Arbon (CH)
05 GV der Motorflugveteranen des AeCS, Flieger- und Fahrzeugmuseum Altenrhein (FFA)
09 Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup, Sitterdorf (CH)
13-17 ILA, Berlin (D)
16 Tage der Aerophilatelie, Langenthal-Bleienbach - LSPL (CH)
21-24 AMPA Swiss Tour, Lausanne (CH)
25-29 Flights with Dassault Mirage IIIDS, Payerne (CH)
26-28 EBACE, Geneva (CH)

05-07 Seaplane Meeting, Hergiswil (CH)
06/07  Journ√©e portes ouvertes de l'a√©rodrome, Bressaucourt (CH) (Reserve: Sept 12/13)
13 Tag der Bundeswehr, Laage (D)
13 Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup, Buttwil (CH)
27 Seefest, Zug (CH) with Patrouille Suisse (1730-18h LT)

11 OldtimAIR Flugparade, Stanserhorn (CH)
11 Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup, Bressaucourt (CH)
29-24 Hornet Flugbetrieb, Emmen - LSME (CH)
31-02 International EAS Summer Fly-In , Langenthal-Bleienbach - LSPL (CH)

01/02 17. Loorholz Flugtage, Leuggern (CH )
07-24 Pilot school PilS with PC-21, Payerne (normally out of Emmen)
10-14 Flights with Dassault Mirage IIIDS, Payerne (CH)
11-15 4th FAI Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championship, NaŇāńôcz√≥w (Poland)
15 Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup, Motiers (CH)
15/16 Flugfest, Hagenbuch (CH)
21-23 Acro Show, Villeneuve VD (CH)
21-23 32. OSV Treffen, Ambrì-Piotta - LSPM (CH)
22 Hunterfest, St. Stephan (CH)
28-04 64th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, Wroclaw (Poland)
29/30 Dittinger Flugtage, Dittingen (CH)
29/30 Tag der offenen T√ľr/40 Jahre Mountainflyers, Belp (CH)

05/06 12th Oldtimerclassic, Hittnau (CH)
05/06 Fly-In, Mollis (CH)
06 Meeting de l'Air - "Les 80 ans de la bataille de france'', Cambrai (France)
06 Schaufliegen Modellfluggruppe Signau, Steinen bei Signau/Bowil (CH)
06 Fl√ľgerchilbi, Langenthal (CH)
06-06 6. Internationale Ballon- & Flugtage Alpenrheintal, Widnau (Schweiz)
06-13 Swiss National Aerobatic Championship 2020, Bex (CH)
12/13 Erlebniswochenende Sitterdorf, Sitterdorf (CH)
20-26 24th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship, Sobota (Slovenia)
26 11 Scale-Helitreffen, Leuggern (CH )
26-04 47. Internationale Alpine Heissluftballonwoche Flims, Flims (CH)
28-02 Flights with Dassault Mirage IIIDS, Payerne (CH)

09-11 Air & Space Days Verkehrshaus Luzern, Luzern (CH) Air & Space Days
13/14 Airshow/Shooting Demonstration, Axalp (CH)
21 Basevisite, Meiringen (CH)

04 Giorno dell'unità nazionale/Armed Forces Day, Roma (Italy)

October 22, 2019

F35 Photo Contest for Swiss citizens

Lockheed Martin F35: made for Switzerland

#F35 Photo Contest, your most beautiful photo taken of the F35 in Switzerland.
This contest is open to Swiss citizens only.
On December 18th, we will public vote here to designate the six most beautiful ones.
1st Prize: The photographer winner - child as adult- will receive a big surprise...which will remain engraved in his memory forever. We wan't tell you any more at the moment, but believe us, it will be extraordinary..
2nd Prize: 1/40 scale model of F35C
3rd Prize: anthracit F35 jacket
4th Prize: F35 mouse pad
5th Prize: F35 Switzerland cap
6th Prize: Swiss Air Force F35 tissue badge (new design to come)

Viel Gl√ľck und teilen Sie so viel wie m√∂glich!
Bonne chance et partagez au maximum!

August 09, 2019

ProAero JULA'19 - Youth camp of swiss aeroclub organisation

Some impressions of my participation (as leader of an french group) on the youth camp near St. Moritz

Helping the aviation interested teenagers to build aircraft models, missiles, balloons and further more in company of many experts. And yes, some interesting visitors where also there - and an airshow !

Join us:

June 13, 2019

Mission NKF - Saab Gripen NG cancelling the evaluation

Bad news for Switzerland - Saab has to cancel the evaluation.

The Swiss defence procurement agency, armasuisse, has formally recommended to Saab not to participate with Gripen E in the upcoming flight tests in Switzerland. The reason is that the flight tests have been designed to only evaluate aircraft that are operationally ready in 2019. The flight tests are part of the fighter evaluation process that foresees aircraft deliveries in 2025. Gripen E will enter into operational service years before Switzerland has scheduled deliveries and will meet all its defined capabilities. However, the Gripen E development plan does not match the Swiss plan to perform flight tests with aircraft that are operationally ready in 2019. Therefore, Saab has decided not to attend the Swiss flight tests in Payerne 24-28 June. 
Gripen E is currently being developed, tested and produced for Sweden and Brazil. It is the most modern and technologically advanced fighter aircraft being developed. The programme is running at a fast and successful speed, with customer deliveries starting later this year.
Upon an invitation from armasuisse, Saab submitted a proposal for Gripen E on 25 January 2019. Since the submission of the proposal in January, the armasuisse’ expectations on the flight tests have evolved to expect participation of operationally ready aircraft. As Gripen E is yet to become operational, Saab has presented solutions to perform the Swiss flight tests in 2019. An offer to complement the Gripen E test aircraft with an operational Gripen C aircraft for the flight tests in June 2019 has not been accepted by armasuisse. Competitors have showcased capabilities on existing platforms, which are different to the versions offered for delivery.
Throughout the Gripen E programme Saab has publicly communicated the status of the Gripen E’s development as key programme milestones have been passed. It can be assumed that armasuisse had the relevant knowledge when they invited Saab to participate in the tender process in 2018, of both the Gripen E development programme and the conditions under which Gripen E would be able to compete.
We believe that Gripen E is the best choice for Switzerland and the offer, as presented in January 2019, still stands. Saab is committed to deliver at least 40 Gripen E fighter aircraft on time, meeting requirements and within planned budget, including a comprehensive support concept with local contribution, guaranteeing the most affordable operating costs and the highest level of autonomy.
Switzerland has a need to replace its fighter fleet of F/A-18 Hornet and F-5 E/F Tiger aircraft. In January 2019, Saab offered a proposal consisting of options for 30, and 40, new build Gripen E fighter aircraft to Switzerland. The Gripen E proposal satisfies all required capabilities for Switzerland and is based on the Swedish Air Force configuration as requested.
In the previous Swiss fighter aircraft procurement process, Saab offered Switzerland Gripen E in a joint procurement with Sweden. At the time, the Gripen E time plan was aligned to meet the Swiss requirement for IOC in 2021. When Switzerland decided to stop its acquisition of new fighters in 2014, the time plan was changed and adapted after Swedish and Brazilian requirements.
At the time of delivery, Gripen E will provide the Swiss Air Force with the very latest available technology integrated into a mature and robust platform that meets all the Swiss needs. Gripen E stands out among the contenders in the Swiss fighter procurement as the newest aircraft system.
The Gripen E programme is progressing according to plan, with production on-going and customer deliveries starting this year. The latest technologies are being incorporated to provide air forces with operational capabilities designed to defeat the threats of today but also the future. Key milestones achieved during the past six months include flights with IRIS-T and Meteor, as well as the third Gripen E aircraft’s first flight.
For further information, please contact:
Saab Press Centre,
+46 (0)734 180 018,
Follow us on twitter: @saab 

June 12, 2019

Mission NKF - Saab Gripen NG

Last but not least - Saab sends in two aicraft for the evaluation. With production already prepared for brasil and sweden, the Gripen NG has some important moduifications.

June 11, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Lightning II - Media- and Spotterday

Rare are the aircrafts I've never seen live before - the F35 Lightning II is one of them. Futuristic design out of a Science Fiction movie and bigger than expected.
Media and Spotters from whole europe where visiting Payerne during the evaluation - a lot of them coming from countries already commanded this aircraft.

June 03, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Rafale - Media- and Spotterday

Another successful event perfectly organised by armasuisse and Dassault Aviation - with a lot of information again and many interested visitors, Media and Spotter side. And of course a lot of people from France interested to see there new aircraft from near.

May 29, 2019

Crossing Switzerland in the Vampire - historic video of swiss television

'Karussel' was the name of the saturday evening show, long before youtube and netflix. With the heavy camera equipment in the nose, the Vampire flew three routes through switzerland - accompagnied by the Patrouille Suisse (still on Hunter) above the Gotthard and other aircrafts like Mirage and F-5 Tiger II elsewhere.

Enjoy ;)

May 15, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Rafale

Third candidate comes from just the country beside - la France ! With quite a lot of common training between our Air Forces and good relations, France is expected as a favourite. Now they have to show the capabilities of there new generation of fighter aircraft.

May 01, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Super Hornet - Arrival, Media- and Spotterday and Departure

With the arrival of two Super Hornets and an KDC-10 as support aircraft, the second candidate began it's evaluation in Payerne Avril 29, 2019. Unfortunally the two Fighters lost there squadron insignas for the trip to Switzerland.

This time also normally civil spotters where informed about the guests - there interest was mainly the KDC-10 ofcourse.

The Nightflight mission was also very hot - never ending afterburner ūüėć

Very good point made - sending a female pilot is quite normal in the USN, in Switzerland on military jets very seldom.