October 09, 2016

Air-to-Ground Shooting Training, Axalp (-Ebenfluh) Range 2016

The Axalp (-Ebenfluh) Range is open from October to Mars each year and the first week was splendid with fabulous weather. Due the cancellation of the showprogramm next week there will 'only' helicopters flying to take all those toilets and drinks back down into the valley in week 41. All shooting activity will be held at Fôrel Range on the lake of Neuchâtel near Payerne. The Patrouille Suisse will also fly there:

10.-11.10. Mo-Di Schiessplatz Forel 1440-1510 Training
12.-13.10. Mi-(Do) Flugplatz Payerne 1440-1510 Training (Do Reservedatum !)

With more than 6000 pictures made this week it's difficult to choose some few for an blog - but I will try ;)

Due restrictions on public places outside the show-week - only KP (KommandoPosten, the little tower near the targets) is permitted to watch activity (NO Tschingel and also NO Brau !) if the red-white shootingflag is hissed - you have to be at 0800h (or 13h if you start at 12h with the walk) there for not troubling the personell. With a little glimpse of snow on the tower we feeled like Neil Armstrong on the moon July 21st, 1969 :D

On Monday 03rd no jet activity was planned - so we enjoyed a nice hike, panorama, animals and a single helicopter lifting some cargo down to the valley:

Beginning from Thuesday 04th the sky and the range belonged to Tiger and Hornets - low and fast !