October 18, 2015

October 03, 2015

Axalp 2015 - Shooting on 2200m above sea level - Update 18th October 2015

First shootings had already begun and Grimmi was there to train his muscles for next weeks Shooting Demo/Airshow up there ;)
Hornet vaporises its 20mm bullets

As always, there is no guarantee that some aircrafts are flying. Weather (high up in the mountains and down on the airfields too), availability and exercises are the most important factors. But you can nearly always photograph something ...

Ok, I will finish ... some more aircrafts of 1st training day October 01, 2015 now ;)

2nd part - beginning low and fast !

Tigris Helveticus

3rd part - 'The other side' ...

Swiss Hornet Display Team with Captain Julien 'Teddy' Meister 

And the already legendary little show of 'Stampa' for the <100 people high up above the fog !!!