July 08, 2014

REVITA - Swiss Air Force goes Buochs again

The last Repetition course at Buochs (-Stans) airfield dates back to 2003, when F-5 Tiger and Mirage IIIRS where using the mountain caverns and attracted a lot of spectators from around the world.
A Revival of this event happened in Mai 2014, when thousands of enthusiasts travelled again in the heavy rain of the exercise REVITA, an exercise of Repetition Course Meiringen with Hornets and Tigers.

Happy Tiger Pilot

One of the five Hornets using the field on this 3-day exercise

A picture possible on a few bases a few years ago, aircrafts crossing main streets.

Hornet in heavy rain

impressive Lineup

Tiger seconds to land on former Sleeping Base

J-3092 is giving some heat to the spectators

With this exercise, Buochs will loose its status of an Sleeping Base and the Air Force is cancelling all activities there.