December 21, 2015

PAYERNE and SION - Planning 2016

Looks like no EPERVIER in Payerne next year, but with a step further to an continuous QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) quite a couple of manhours more activity.

Sion goes a step further to closing down, but local politics tries to cancel this decision with all those lost millions of hard currency loosing ;)

December 06, 2015

Meiringen - Planning 2016

With the Airshow for it's 75 years jubilée, the main event 2016 is clearly announced on this military airfield !

But as you surely know, there is really no limit for taking some breathtaking pictures back to your home after a visit. For your planning it's maybe helpful to take a look on this chart for the flightactivity in 2016:

 Some impressions from earlier years ;)