April 29, 2020

COVID19: Display schedule Swiss Hornet Display Team - V4

Info via Swiss Hornet Display Team:

Schedule update: training course is now planned 10-14th of august. Of course this will also depend on the measures about the COVID-19 🦠 , but we still hope to fly a few times this year

April 08, 2020

COVID19: Grimmi has still to go at work by bike - but scans it's old Kodachrome64

Yes, the Virus will not kill me (I hope). The most dangerous thing is my way to work - 12-15km each way and each day, but with a bit lesser traffic these days then a few weeks ago. My new eBike with Gen4 Bosch engine has much more performance than my old one from supermarket and the Spikes are a bit overdue in this winter - still, in the early morning some icy parts on my way.

Free time for the hobby is limited by that, but a few glimpses in my scan work of my archives is permitted ....

RIAT'99 Fairford - some unworked scans out of only five rolls of Kodachrome64 films (36 pictures each)

Yes - very different lineup to airshows these days. And reworked they are looking awesome - some of my shots available here: 

Thank you for visiting 👍