October 23, 2020

No belgian F-16 this year in Meiringen ?

 I received multiple news lately about visitors in Switzerland - but the data is possibly very inaccurate. It looks that the belgian visit was cancelled due Covid.

pic in big

October 13, 2020

Training Course of the PC-7 Team next week

 Last chance also for the PC-7 Display Team to train this year - each day two displays above Dübendorf base:

Have a good flightweek and stay safe dear Team !

October 08, 2020

Cat's in the west - NAS Oceana 1999

With no chances to watch new and interesting things in switzerland due work (no short time in my business), I like to dig in my archives. And as Cat-Owner (ok, I'm the servant of an cat is more precise) - the fluffy one - I always also liked the steal ones. May be planning an bicycle tour throug persia in the coming years to catch some more in the air ....

For more of my collection of the NAS Oceana Air Show in 1999, visit airfighters.com

October 07, 2020

Defense Security Cooperation Agency publishes wish list for US equipment in AIR2030 evaluation process

The American Defense Security Cooperation Agency published more info about the whish list in weaponery for the future new fighter aircraft (NKF, Neues KampfFlugzeug). The exact numbers of for example Sidewinder 9X Tactical and Captive Training Missiles and bombs are named. Especially the latter is producing high tensions in Switzerland - a lot of people had not read the small text in the last votation. .... In Switzerland these data is called Top Secret ....

Switzerland - F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft and Weapons

Switzerland - F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Aircraft and Weapons

Also of interest are the numbers for the (US-based) Air Defence part of the AIR2030 competition:

Switzerland - Patriot Configuration-3+ Modernized Fire Units and Weapons

October 03, 2020

Repetition course TA1 in SST

Normally based in Payerne, TA 1 (Helicopter) is making there yearly repetition course out of the former Swiss Air Force base of St. Stephan the next weeks:

SST is known for the famous Hunterfest and has an webcam - so you can watch some activity there:

Webcam SST

October 01, 2020

relaxing with a kingfisher

After the last couple of days with a lot of psychical stress due the votation, especially the results, I decided to calm down again with some hours at a nearby lake - including kingfisher !