August 29, 2018

Next great airshows in Switzerland - Air Thun and Yverdon Fly-In

After an airshow is before another airshow - so I'm preparing my gear already again for the next event in Thun this weekend ;)

Air Thun - Internationales Bückertreffen, 31st August - 02nd September

The 19th International Bückermeet is held on this little airfield south of the city at the lake with the same name.

Fly-In Yverdon, Saturday 15th September 2018

With many historic aircrafts like P3, Moth Major, Chipmunk, L4, Messerschmitt 108, T6 and the famous Grandjean Replica !

-> next year again a big YVAIR-Airshow  31st August - 01st September 2019 !!!

Other Events of interest - but without participation of myself:

Erlebnis Flughafen Zürich, September 1st and 2nd 2018
70 years of ZRH Zurich Airport with Patrouille Suisse and PC-7 Team

11th Oldtimerclassic Hittnau, September 1st and 2nd 2018
Cars and Aircrafts 

Flüügerchilbi Langenthal, September 2nd, 2018
The tradition is going on

August 24, 2018

Hunterfest 2018 - Oldtimers on former Swiss Air Force base of St. Stephan

End of August, like every year, thousands of aviation enthusiasts are travelling to the Simmental Valley to the former military airfield of SST. Always the same days like Dittinger Flugtage Airshow near the german border, only in Sankt Stephan (ICAO-Code: LSTS) you have some nice mountains in the background or to climb for taking pictures from above. And never trust the meteorologists in the alps - most time the weather is predicted much worse then in reality ;)

Some impressions from this years edition training day - more infos on the official homepage !

Hunterverein Obersimmental

Das Programm vom Samstag 25. August 2018
- ab 8.30: Eintreffen der Besucher und Flugzeuge
- 9.30: GV des Huntervereins Obersimmental
- ab 10.00: Verkaufsstände 
- 10.30-12.00: Flüge mit Hunter, Vampire, PC-7
- 11.00: Apéro Ehrenmitglieder, Sponsoren, Ehrengäste
- 11.30-17.00: Rundflüge mit Swiss Helicopter
- 12.00-13.00: Mittagspause
- 12.00: Essen Ehrenmitglieder, Sponsoren, Ehrengäste
- 12.00: Mittagessen in der Hunter-Beiz oder bei den Verpflegungsständen neben dem Hangar und bei den Jets
- 13.00-17.00: Flüge mit Hunter, Vampire, PC-7
- Dazwischen Display Oldtimer-Flugzeuge
- ab 16.00: Rundflüge mit Swiss Helicopter
- ab 17.00: Rückflug der meisten Flugzeuge
- Anschliessend aufräumen und Ausklang in der Hunter-Bar beim Hunter-Unterstand
Änderungen im Programm vorbehalten!
Bitte Verkehrslenkung und signalisierte Parkplätze beachten!

The real majesty of the skies above the Simmental valley - an golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) - shares its territory with some legends of steel like the famous Papyrus Hunter.


August 09, 2018

ALPA MILI - Swiss Air Force will support some alps with fresh water

Like in 2015, many alps in Switzerland have again not enough water for the cows and other animals. After an hard winter and not much rain thereafter, the water sources are limited. Swiss Air Force will help and use Super Puma / Cougar helicopters with Bamby buckets in support of the civil helicopter companies.

Super Puma Display Team cancelled the displays in Kreuzlingen and Rapperswil for this weekend in support of ALPA MILI !
EDIT 21.08.2016: Also the displays im Zeiningen amd Dittingen are cancelled !

Some lakes received temporary restrictions for swimming / boating, duration is 1 to 3 weeks, here are those in Canton of Fribourg (Canton of Vaud and Berne are also in the program, but you have to search for yourself then):

Lac de Gruyère / Gruyère Lake, Canton of Fribourg

Lac de Montsalvens / Montsalvens Lake, Canton of Fribourg: