July 07, 2017

Austria decides to cancel Eurofighter Typhoon

Not too big a surprise, but with an incredible hard decision - Austria grounds its Eurofighter fleet acquired only 2007-2009 !

The history of the new fighter jet in Austria was never an beloved one. Political decisions made more problems then expected and in case of modern airfighters fresh from productionline the Bundesheer received older models already used by the German Luftwaffe.Another history where the first cancelled, then for much money acquired external fuel tanks. Extremly high prices for regular exchange pieces where another part of an never ending story coming now to an end ... next votations are already on october'17 !

Beginning from 2020 on Austria wants a single aircraft fleet of 18 modern Fighters (15 single-, 3 doubleseaters), all Eurofighters will be wfu 'till 2023. If there would be sold or scrapped is not decided yet.


 The 40 years old Saab 105 will end there career in 2020, the same year like the Eurofighter introduced 2007/09 !
Famous Draken vs Eurofighter Typhoon - Swedens Jet's will probably win again

July 02, 2017

AIRPOWER 2000 - Zeltweg (A)

From time to time I'm opening some parts of my quite impressive archive to the world - especially to show those new guys out there why it is becoming difficult to see me on each aviatic event nowadays ...

The airfield Zeltweg (-Hinterstoisser) LOXZ is situated near Graz in Styria, southeastern part of Austria. Beginning in 1997, each couple of years you can find here one of the best airshows in mainland europe called AIRPOWER. Organisation is fabulous, background fantastic and the people nice - plus the impressive lineup is holding each year some fantastic aircrafts !

Back in 2000, the LOG was very impressive (here only the static):

07              J35Ö            FlRg2/UbW             
17              J35Ö            instr.                
BC33            Saab 105Ö       nn            
GG17            Saab 105Ö       nn, spec c/s  
3A-BM           L-19A           wfu                   
3C-JJ           AB206A          FlRg1/2, Kleeblatt c/s
3C-OJ           OH-58B          FlRg1/3               
3E-KN, 3E-KS    SA316B          FlRg2                 
3E-KX           SA316B          FlRg2                 
3G-EE           PC-6B2-H2       FlRg1/4           
3G-EL           PC-6B2-H2       FlRg1/4, spec c/s 
3H-FA           PC-7            FlS                       
4D-BW           AB204B          FlRg3/2           
5D-HF, 5D-HG    AB212           FlRg3/1
3F-SR/455       Saab 91D        wfu
35513           J35J            instr.                           
055             An-30           16TrAB, c/n 08-02
130339          KCC-130H        435sq                    
ET-210          F-16B           Esk 727, Esk 726 mks             
3860            F-4F            JG74                             
4496            Tornado IDS     JBG31                    
5702            Do228-212       MFG3                     
FF-3            F27-400M        TukiLLv                  
6009            MiG-21bis       47HRE                    
701             Mi-17           87HHE                            
MM54250/4-33    TF-104G-M       20º Gr
MM54261/4-42    TF-104G-M       20º Gr
MM7168/2-04     AMX             14º Gr
MM7176/2-20     AMX             14º Gr
CR.12-54/12-63  RF-4C           123Esc
TR.20-01/403-11 Ce560           403Esc
6824            Lancer-C        Grupul 86
917 bl          MiG-29SMT-2     RAC-MiG, c/n 35400
H2-31           Bell 412SP      15 BRVL          
L9-64           PC-9M           15 BRVL                  
37447/35        JA37            F21                
39141/41-G      JAS39A          F7                 
3042/'0042'     NF-5A           Turkish Stars      
62 bl           Su-27UB         831IAP, c/n 96310405010
UR-76699        IL-76MD         321VTAP, c/n 0063471131 
ZA547/DC        Tornado GR4     31sq
81-0991/SP      OA-10A          81st FS    
82-0649/SP      OA-10A          81st FS    
84-0087         C-21A           76th AS    
98-0131/LN      F-15E           492nd FS   
89-26145        UH-60A          5-158th AVN
HA-MKI          An-2R

As you can see, today's Airshow Organisators whould be licking there lips and I can also see some of my readers cumming 😂

All pictures taken by wetfilm back then and also published here with this original style - if you want to see some of them in big and worked on with toda'y filtering methods you can watch my Zeltweg (Airpower 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2009) pictures at airfighters.com - enjoy 🙌