October 31, 2018

Just a little flight - RIO Ecuvillens, 1994

This time you can travel quite a lot of years into the past - my first flight in an Boeing Stearman was made out of Ecuvillens due one of those fabulous RIO's (Rencontre Internationale des Oldtimers). I helped with the parking organisation as 'Bénevoles' and enjoyed this little tour around the Gruyères area.

The star of the event was the Dassault Flamant, after the Mirage 2000 demo and the famous Patrouille de France a year before a much more rare bird to see in Switzerland. Film was expensive and camera all manual, but soon I was buying my first own camera back then, an Minolta Dynax 700si with lenses (kit) up to 300mm for the Shows in Ambri, Buochs and Langenthal in the autumn of 1994.


If the actual US President will ever know about this place, he whould be travel each weekend to switzerland ...

The end of the Gruyères lake and a view in direction my home with the 'Guggershörnli' in the background:

October 30, 2018

'new' homepage adress

Hi there,

with beam.to now the already 3rd redirection service in my live has given up and closed down it's services. I will change the title picture soon, but in the meantime just use the direct adress of


Thanks a lot ;)

October 18, 2018

Nature climpses at a lake

Yeah, I know - normally this site is dedicated to our Swiss Air Force. But with not many new positions and experiences to go - especially for myself, don't forget that I've began to take pictures of our Air Force in 1993 - I use my big lenses for some nature photography and video for a couple of years now. Here another one taken this year - I hope you are impressed as I was ...