January 02, 2020

Changes in Swiss Air Force's Display Teams 2020

Happy new year to all of you out there ;)

2020 will see some changes in Swiss Air Force's Display Teams. Some people go - new one arrives 👪

Patrouille Suisse 2020

After 10 years with the Patrouille Suisse, Leader Gunnar 'GANDALF' Jansen steps down and Capt. Michael 'PÜPI' Duft (Tiger SEXY) will take over the Lead. As new guy comes Capt. Serim 'SALIM' Wetli, flying on position Tiger DUE. From this latter position, Capt. Claudius 'MAC' Meier will change to position Tiger QUATTRO. Tiger TRE (Capt. David 'PEPE' Pereira) and CINQUE (Capt. Lukas 'BIGFOOT' Nannini) saw no changes. Capt. Martin 'JAYDEE' Schär will change from DUE to SEXY and 1st Solo.

Hornet Display Team 2020

Nicolas 'VINCENT' Rossy ends his 3-year duty as Solo Display Pilot and will train the new Pilot, Capt. Yannick "FÖNSI" Zanata - the latter from Fighter Squadron 17 too. (photo by SwissHornetDisplayTeam)

SuperPuma Display Team 2020

Capt. Philippe 'PHILLIPPE' Weber, in the team since 2013, retreats.

PC-7 Team 2020

No personal changes