January 25, 2017

Sion finito - end of airbase 14

Sion will be closed for regular military traffic end of 2017. With the last repetition course, a little ceremony was held with speaks of political and military leaders.

A special tail, an quite impressive mass takeoff of 9 Hornets and 5 Tigers (one F as photoship) and a final Flybye marked the end of 65 years of regular based Swiss Air Force aircrafts.

BUT ... yes, the Air Force returns again to Sion due the Exercice "SEDUNUM" from Mai 15th 'till 17th, 2017 ūüĎć

So you will see here pictures from the last flights due regular (last !) repetition course of our Base Aérienne 14, the exercise is held by the Base Aérienne 11 - meaning Payerne.

January 22, 2017

39√®me Festival International de Ballons, Ch√Ęteau-d'Oex (CH)

The Festival International de Ballons in Ch√Ęteau-d'Oex is a must-do if you love balloons, or mountains, or helicopters, or nice sceneries. Here you will find your jackpot ;)

Situated near Gstaad, this mountain resort is easy accessible by train, aircraft and car and a mekka in balloon language. #FIBC2017

Official site: http://www.chateau-doex.ch/de/Z4237

Special guest this year was the winner of Gordon Bennet Cup - this year departing in the area ;)

small video:

January 07, 2017

WEF 2017 - guarding the Alps out of Sion

Armed Forces missions at the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Our Armed Forces support the Canton of Graub√ľnden with security operations at the World Economic Forum (WEF). This subsidiary operation basically includes protecting facilities and individuals, safeguarding air sovereignity, securing Swiss airspace and Coordinated Medical Services (CMS). Up to 5,000 armed forces personnel will serve in this civil affairs mission, to be carried out from January 13th to 23rd, 2017.

Air traffic over Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy will be restricted within a radius of 25 nautical miles (about 46 km) from the centre of Davos. Approaches to and take-offs from regional aerodromes and heliports are subject to specific rules and procedures which the Air Force has devised in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Visual flights may be carried out on predetermined routes and require prior authorisation and accreditation of pilots and aircraft.

Flights outside predefined routes and flights to Davos are subject to authorisation as well and will only be permitted for pilots and aircraft that have been accredited beforehand. After accreditation has been granted, a request for each flight must be submitted to the Air Force, which then decides in accordance with operational requirements and security considerations. Detailed procedures are specified in official publications.

The Swiss Air Force will be supporting the civilian authorities with transport and surveillance flights, using their helicopters, propeller planes and fighter jets. A considerable increase in military air traffic and noise emission in some areas outside the Canton of Graub√ľnden is also to be expected.

Restrictions apply not only to helicopters and aeroplanes. From 16 January 2017, the restrictions on flight operations apply to all airspace users, including model airplanes, drones, hang gliders and para-gliders. The Graub√ľnden cantonal police will issue special restrictions for this purpose.

Validity of the restrictions
Monday, 16. January 2017, from 0800 a.m. local time to Saturday, 21. January 2017, 1700 p.m. local time

Swiss military Fighter Jets flying out of SION base.

Official Film of last year's WEF-summit by Swiss Armed Forces:

UPDATE January 21st, 2017 - the photos of Sion

Time passed by with different photography/positioning difficulties due Base Security. But some nice shots where made ;)

January 04, 2017

Activity on the Swiss Military Airfields 2017, REVITA 2.0

Swiss Air Force succeeded again with an early announcement of the main plannings of activity in 2017. You can see in blue activity with F/A-18 C/D Hornet (green means reduced activity possible) and red on F-5E/F Tiger II (yellow means reduced activity possible):

Also some major shows/exercises are already known - see flugzeugforum.de for furter details:

09-27 KVK/WK (FDT) FlPl Kdo 14, Sion (CH)
13-15 87. Internationales Lauberhornrennen, Wengen (CH) mit PS am 12./14./15. (Reserve) von 1140-1205h, 13. von 1320-1345h. Mit Bombardier C Series der SWISS. http://www.lauberhorn.ch
16-21 Luftraumeinschränkungen zuhanden WEF Davos, Jetflugbetrieb ab SIO

11/12 FIS World Ski Championship, St. Moritz with Patrouille Suisse http://www.stmoritz2017.ch/
18/19 FIS World Ski Championship, St. Moritz with PC-7 Team http://www.stmoritz2017.ch/
23 FIS Ski Worldcup, Crans Montana with PC-7 Team http://www.skicm-cransmontana.ch/

15-17 Mobility exercise: Troups and Aircrafts from Payerne will be hosted in Sion, something like REVITA Exercise in Buochs 2014 !
30-02 Fl√ľge mit Mirage, Payerne (CH) [url]http://www.clindailes.ch[/url]

January 01, 2017

Hydroaviation Show Ghelendzik 1996

20 years ago, young Grimmi visited Russia for the first time. Program was very nice - Flights on Aero L-39C of Team RUS and visits on different bases. But the show on the 436,400 km2 (168,500 sq mi) (not including the Sea of Azov) great runway named Black Sea was the highlight of the week !

LOG 1st International Hydroaviation Airshow "GELENDZHIK'96",24-29 September 1996

Test Base of Beriev Aircraft Company and Gelendzhik Airport

RA-00046 (cn 8601301) Beriev Be-12P-200 Chaika Company Owned - Beriev Design Bureau
RA-01300 (cn 23441605) Li-2
RA-01473 Dubna-2 Seaplane
RA-06183 (cn 34001212477) Mil Mi-26TP Company Owned - Rostvertol
RA-27179 (cn 96181) Mil Mi-8MTV-1   MChS Rossii crs 02Aug08
(RA-)28002 Shavrov Sha-2 
RA-31025 (cn 6009) Ka-32S Pankh with Aeroflot titles, crs 04Sep03
RA-31584 (cn 8706) Ka-32S Omega Helicopters (?) crs 26Sep10
RA-48090 (cn 2601) An-32A in UN colors
RA-67205 (cn OS0600101) Beriev Be-32K TANTK im. Berieva  (Beriev OKB), Doninvest Bank titles
./. Mil Mi-14P Company Owned - Mil helcopters
/ 03 RED Mil Mi-14PS Russia - Navy and 2nd picture
/ 04 RED Mil Mi-14PS Russia - Navy
/ 06 YELLOW (cn 36576096906) AN-72P Ukraina - Air Force  with Rocketpod under the wing
/ 12 BLUE Ka-32T
/ 20 RED / 378 (cn V2) Beriev A-40 Albatros Company Owned - Beriev Design Bureau
/ 024 OUTLINED Ka-50
/ 109 BLUE Su-27K
/ 312 BLUE (cn 27579) MiG-29K MiG OKB
598 (cn 36911037820) Su-30LL


/ 46 BLUE (cn 9711018) Mil Mi-8T Russia - Air Force and 2nd picture
/ 59 BLUE Mil Mi-8T Russia - Air Force or Navy ?
/ 50 RED Mil Mi-8T Russia - Air Force
/ 211 BLUE Aero L-29 Delfin Russia - Navy
/ 314 BLACK Aero L-29 Delfin Russia - Navy
RA-87200 (cn 9811956) Yak-40K TANTK im. Berieva, in Aeroflot c/s
UR-88219 (cn 9630550) Yak-40K Motor-Sich

Some pictures for you