June 24, 2018

23/24 june 2018: Rencontre Internationale d'Oldtimers - RIO 2.3, Ecuvillens (Fribourg)

The program of the airshow some kilometers from my doorstep is very nice again - and with two Display Teams of the Swiss Air Force, Hornet and PC-7 Team !

PC-7 Team
21 Std.Instagram
RIO 2.3 #ecuvillens and @rockthering are you ready?
We are flying next weekend in Ecuvillens at the oldtimer airshow.
Come and see us next friday 14:15lt in Ecuvillens. It's a training together with the #swisshornetdisplayteam 💪. And at 19:05lt in #hinwil @rockthering 🤘.
Saturday at 19:05lt in Hinwil @rockthering 🤘.
Sunday we are flying again in Ecuvillens at 15:30lt.

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THE airshow without cords - you can touch nearly everything

the official SURPRISE was the fabulous P-51 Mustang

11'000 visitors where enjoying the sound and the weather
SURPRISE No2 and not in the program - one of the biggest birds in europe, the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) ! He took my attention during display of the Messerschmitt Me 108 Taifun
The fabulous Corsair of La Fêrte Alais in France

SURPRISE No3 and not in the program too - the world's biggest aircraft, the Antonov AN-225 on the way to Dakar !!!

June 19, 2018

From the aircraft carrier to the mountain base - french Rafale's visiting Meiringen tomorrow 20th

EDIT June 21st - scroll down to see yesterdays pictures ;)

Nearly one year after there last visit, french Marine Nationale Rafales visiting Meiringen again tomorrow. The Fighter Squadron 11 and Flottille 11F are good buddys in the NATO Tigers Association.

Flottille 11F on Rafale M and based at BAN Landivisiau is a full member (since 1979) of the NATO Tigers Association. Created in October 1921 it is the oldest and most prestigious squadron in the French Marine Nationale, flying the famous Dassault Super Etendard in the past.

Hope to catch them better than last year this time ;)

Some of my pictures of those 'KIMONO's (Callsign) made in Meiringen on June 20th:

 all but one made the same pictures and one Rafale had to stay due technical problems

June 18, 2018

June 18th, 2018: NO Patrouille Suisse training in Bellechasse today !

Sorry Folks, Swiss Air Force's Display Team changed there 2018 schedule multiple times and today's training is cancelled on the newest ones. Unfortunally the info is not spread, so a lot of people are at risk to travel without success. Last Update of the Program - Mai 24th, 2018:

Alternative program for them in aviation - Payerne (30 mins by car) or Meiringen Air Force Base (90 mins by car) ! With children ? Visit Papiliorama in Kerzers (10 mins by car), the jungle with many interesting animals: Homepage Papiliorama Kerzers

June 16, 2018

Payerne Air Force Base Open Doors, 2018

More then 5000 people from all of Switzerland and abroad - dutch, french and german cars is what I saw - visited the main base due Open Door exposition and Airshow today.
With introduction of all the jobs you can learn and work on an Swiss Air Force Base, the exposition saw many interesting work places.
And there was an little airshow too - Swiss Air Force Hornet Demo Team, Super Puma Display Team and fire/SAR demo was sheduled - Patrouille Suisse visited for an flybye too. The most interesting new demo was an QRA / Air Policy Demonstration of two Hornets versus an (NC)PC-7. Let's hope such a demo is standard in the future ;)

Article in German with other pictures by me ;)