June 10, 2020

Public Open Day / Airshow: PayAIR'n 21

With this lost year 2020 for Airshows, Payerne Air Base will hoist an interesting event next year, an Open Door event;

01st May 2021: PayAIR'n 21

other events of interest in Switzerland 2021:

11-13th June, 2021: Motor Classics, Lenzerheide https://www.lenzerheide-motorclassics.ch/
26/27th June, 2021: Seefest, Zug http://www.zugerseefest.ch/
28th July, 2021: different Air Displays, Samedan (Super Puma Display Team et al) due ProAero Youth Camp
20-22nd August, 2021: Flugtage Wittinsburg http://www.flugtage-wittinsburg.ch/
21st August, 2021: Hunterfest, St. Stephan http://www.hunterverein.ch/
28/29th August, 2021: Flugtage, Dittingen http://www.flugtage.ch/

June 07, 2020

Collision PC-7 Team with Camera, St. Moritz 2017: Former team leader awaits trial

After the collision of an (NC)PC-7 Turbo Trainer aircraft with an cable on Ski Worldcup February 17, 2017 at St. Moritz, military justice is ready for the trial against the former team leader. The pilot touching the cable and damaging aircraft and installations was already acquitted for.

Source: https://www.admin.ch/gov/de/start/dokumentation/medienmitteilungen.msg-id-79349.html