March 22, 2019

Swiss Hornet Display Team training week schedule 2019

Weekend approaches and with it the begin of this seasons training week of our Swiss Hornet Display pilot Nicolas 'VINCENT' Rossier in his 3rd year.

Training in mid altitude will begin Monday, from Wednesday on low altitude training already:

Lundi les entraînements sont prévus à 10:00 et 14:45 au-dessus de la base de Payerne: entraînements des figures individuelles à moyenne altitude. Mardi probablement basse altitude à 10:00 et 15:00.

Hornet Display training this week (25-29.03.2019) over Payerne airbase will be : Tuesday 10h00 & 15h00 medium altitude Wednesday 10h00 & 15h00 low altitude Thursday 09h45 & 15h00 low altitude Friday 08h40 medium & 10h20 low altitude See you there 

No Display Training 27/28th of March !

Good News for tomorrow Friday:

Tomorrow Friday 2 trainings planned : 

08h40 medium altitude

10h20 probably first low altitude for this year😁

#swisshornetdisplayteam #swissairforce

New week, more fun ;)

Dés lundi, les entraînements de démonstration à basse altitude du Hornet Solo Display vont continuer au-dessus de Payerne:
Lundi 8.4 à 10h & 15h15. 
Mardi 9.4 à 10h & 15h15. 
Vendredi 12.4 à 14h. 
Les horaires des entraînements peuvent être adaptés à tout moment sans préavis.

Demain mardi 9.4 deux entraînements du Swiss Hornet Display Team au-dessus de la base de Payerne:
10:00 Full show (programme beau temps, 3D)
15:15 Flat Show (programme mauvais temps, à plat)

Demain vendredi 12.4 à 13h30 (⚠️ nouveau timing): entraînement du Swiss Hornet Display Team au-dessus de Payerne pour la «Journée des Parents de l’école de recrue d’aviation».

Dernier entraînement avant les vols de validation du 18.4.

Next week, Thursday, the Patrouille Suisse training course starts in Emmen. Team 2019 is looking forward to a great season! ------------------ Programm Trainingskurs (p. 2):

March 21, 2019

German Stallions Mountain Training

Also this year the German Air Force is based multiple weeks in Switzerland for Mountain training with CH53 - this and next week out of Alpnach. Next week without CH-53 but with the new NH90 !

Soon you can also see some strange aircraft above Switzerland - L39 Albatros flights are planned out of Sion (March 22-24th) and Emmen (August 16-18th, 2019). Booking via

March 20, 2019

March 19, 2019

Spring is coming

Nature awakens with the arrival of the Storks, Black Kites and Swallows from the south - and the Stoat is also changing from the hivernal fur to the brown-white pattern in the summer. Some impressions taken the last few days out in the nature - I hope you enjoy.

The Storks loves the view in Avenches area and the Black Kite is whatched closely by an Raven at the eastern board of Lac de Léman (Lake Geneva).

The fur is changing beginning on the nose of the Stoat (Hermelin, Mustela erminea) and the aerobatics of the Northern lapwing (Kiebitz, Vanellus vanellus) are incredible to watch.

Grey heron (Graureiher, Ardea cinerea) in the early morning light and the common snipe (Bekassine, Gallinago gallinago) searching for food.