April 23, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Super Hornet

The second candidate will arrive this week and includes an Omega Company Tanker as support. The test flights will start next monday april 29th and end on Mai 3rd. Eight missions are scheduled, with a total of 17 takeoffs and landings (PAY/MEI).

As support aircraft an KDC-10 Tanker aircraft is expected (N974VV, Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10-40) - due Air'04 Airshow an KC707 of the Omega company was here. 

OMEGA Air Refueling: http://www.omegaairrefueling.com

All photos taken by myself, archive.

April 14, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Eurofighter - Media- and Spotterday

The first visit on base due evaluation NKF is made and ended with a lot of informations and pictures. Highly secured (military police everywhere), highly visited (around 600 people only in the spotters zone) and highly appreciated event of Armasuisse, our Air Force and Airbus company - good job !

Some impressions from my side ;)

April 09, 2019

Evaluation NKF - Mission Eurofighter Typhoon

As first of the candidates for the new fighter aircraft in Switzerland, two RAF Typhoons landed in Payerne today. For the following days eight missions are scheduled, with a total of 17 takeoffs and landings (PAY/MEI). Flight days are in between11th 'till 17th of April, with a nightflight mission next monday.

Present aircrafts:
Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4
Registration: ZK356 (cn BS117)


Eurofighter Typhoon T3
Registration: ZK303 / AX (cn 207/BT017/ISPA5)

Spotter-/Mediaday of april 12th - no Eurofighter flights in the morning. Takeoff in the afternoon 1515, landing 1615h local time. Beware of the Hornet Display training at 1330h.

(photos out of my archive)

April 03, 2019

Patrouille Suisse training weeks

Today our national display team performed two trainings in my area - above the idillic little airfield of Bellechasse. Some pictures of a friend, Adrian Fl├╝hmann:

tomorrow no display training due weather: